About Gae Callaway

My passion is to help people connect to resources, ideas, and people to become successful.

This is what I learned along the way from life and from my clients, which really explains what and why I do what I do today!

There was once a young couple that moved from Missouri to California. Two folks and then there were three. Along the way came a new job, a new home, a new car, and then new neighbors to know.

An old friend from home comes by one day with a motorcycle, wanting the husband to take a ride. He does. They are in the front yard when they hear a loud crash. The young husband had been hit by a drunk driver. Not moving, he almost lost his life. Many surgeries, body casts and four years later, he would finally be able to work again. What I learned is If he had not lived how important life insurance would have been for this young family with a new home and new car. What kind of debt would that create and would there be enough money to keep them in their home? What about disability insurance? Believe it or not that 26 years old had disability insurance that paid about what his paycheck after taxes would have been for four years. It actually would have paid until he was 65 years old.

It would have been beneficial if there had been some help on legal matters. The attorney received 30% of the small amount he received because the drunk driver only had assigned risk limits. If he had not lived, the Will would have been very necessary because of the three-year-old child.

Other things I learned, my father ran a large farm. He had a massive heart attack at age 46 and died at 52.

I also learned that the Home Care and Long-Term Care would have been so important as I watched my mom take care of a totally disabled man. I learned women need to know about finances and how to take care of themselves. My mother ran that farm and also managed an orphanage while learning how to handle finances. She lived to be 98 years old.

I learned how important it is to know you won’t outlive your money and then be sure your estate is in order for those you love and leave behind.

Another thing I learned along the way is the importance of networking!

I moved from Missouri to Texas when MetLife transferred me to manage an office. I knew no one. I started a group called Networking for the ’90s. We had speakers and opportunities to discuss our businesses. We met every two weeks.http://mysteryofthebluerose.com/

In 1995 I had a friend die of breast cancer. In 1996 I started a foundation called The Mystery of The Blue Rose.   In various events, we were able to start two different scholarships for women. One of the scholarships is called Stephanie’s Song, for my friend, at Texas A & M. The other is called The Mystery of the Blue Rose at the Coastal Bend Community Foundation.

Over $50,000 has been donated to these scholarships.

Another group I began six years ago is called Senior Care Coalition. It allows people who work with seniors to come together to share ideas to help each other and their clients.

I began a new group called Women in Business three years ago to help professional women grow their business and help each other by learning new things and networking.

More recently, I have begun the One More Customer series which helps business people by providing them with marketing tips and various ways to help their business grow and get new customers.

If you want to be financially secure it is important to be open to opportunities. Does the opportunity provide something that a lot of people need? Is it affordable?

Does it give you the opportunity to grow and help others? Does it provide ongoing income by renewal and by residuals? Will your family receive the income after your death? These are all the things that are available through being an Associate with LegalShield.

I am an insurance broker. I specialize in Life Insurance and, as a Broker, I represent different companies. I work with various carriers in annuities for qualified and non-qualified plans. Life, Annuities, and Home-Care are my specialties

As a LegalShield Associate, I am certified in all the different areas that LegalShield has available.

My passion is helping others be financially secure.

I hope you understand what I do and just why I do it. I want to continue to make a difference in people’s lives. I sincerely hope you know just why all of this is important and take the necessary steps to become financially secure.

I am Gae Callaway.

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